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Size Guideline

Find your ring size with the string method

The sting method involves wrapping something around your finger and then measuring where the ends met on a ruler. Take some string or a piece of paper no wider than 1.4 cm. Wrap it around your finger and mark with a pen where one end of the string or paper meets the other. Then line the string or paper against a ruler and read off the measurement. Using the chart below, you can match your finger measurement to a ring size.

Find your ring size using an app

Alternatively, there are free apps available that you can download to help you find your ring size.

Here are a few.

I know my ring size, what's next?

Once you know your ring size, the next step is to find your perfect ring! You can shop our collection of rings and find your perfect, individual ring. Our stacking rings and one of a kind rings can help you express your signature style.